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Foundational Podcast

Jul 16, 2018

Is is possible that there is something your life so sacred and so valuable that God put special guidelines and protection around it? That He promised that when you walk according to those guidelines that he'd bless you beyond what you can imagine and rebuke the enemy, so that he cannot steal kill and destroy? And also...

Jul 11, 2018

I have been trouble lately because I see believers responding to political rhetoric, out of the carnal soul and mind. I'm not speaking about parties, I am asking how do we as believers handle the stuff of the world. The news that we hear on a daily basis about the violence and hate and anger that is escalating inside...

Jul 5, 2018

There is a basic presupposition of the Old and New Testaments that there are two opposing kingdoms on planet earth. It is an assumed fact that there is a very real being, a fallen angel named Lucifer, that was thrown out of heaven and 1/3 of angels with him because he rebelled against God because he wanted to be God....

Jun 25, 2018

Most Christians don't know their identity as a child of God; they don't feel comfortable in their role as a royal son and daughter of God and so they live beneath their potential and the calling God has on their life. Show Notes For This Foundational Podcast: You are royalty!

  • We often struggle with our identity
  • When we were born again
    • We were adopted into the family of the King of kings and Lord of lords
    • He gives us the assurance that we are a member of that family
      • An heir and joint-heir of Jesus  Christ
      • An heir of the kingdom of...

Jun 20, 2018

Called To Live in the Kingdom man praying for another man Show Notes For This Foundational Podcast: Exodus 19:5-6

  • God said that the nation of Israel would be a special treasure to God
  • God was forming a new nation on the earth
  • A nation named Israel
  • God was going to make them kingdom of priests
  • From the beginning of history God was planning this
  • Genesis 1:26-31 - God gave Adam...