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Foundational Podcast

Sep 11, 2019

There is a reason why the New Testament commands us to renew our minds.

A renewed mind restructures the way we think, which in turn completely changes how we behave. But in order to begin this journey, we must change the way we think.

A renewed mind can change your life and behavior in this four powerful ways as it transforms your thinking patterns and philosophy of life. Here's how. #Foundational #renewedmind #transformedlife #philosophy

"What was I thinking?"

Have you been there? No doubt, more times than you like...

Sep 4, 2019

We are losing an entire generation to drug overdose, debauchery, immorality, and deception. What is the church doing right now to make a difference? #Foundational #podcast #church

79% of children raised in a Christian home and in church at the age of 10 leave church by age 20.

A recent report states that in 2017 70,000 Americans lost their lives to opiate overdose. In 2018 68,000 more Americans lost their lives to opiate overdose.

In 24 months, 138,000 Americans died of opiate overdose!

What Is...

Sep 4, 2019

Have you come to the place where you have too much month at the end of the money, and you're worried to death?

Have you gotten word that your company is downsizing and you're worried that you're going to lose your job, and you're wondering what you're going to do now?

Jesus is asking this question, "Have you added one...

Aug 28, 2019

God wants us to be a light in a dark world. You may be the only light that shines where He has placed you right now.

That is why Jesus said we are the salt of the earth and the light of world.

How is your light shining? Is it hidden or is it shining bright? What kind of flavor do I bring to the places I go to on a...

Aug 21, 2019

How did we get the Holy Bible - all 66 books?

The 66 books that make up what we know as The Holy Bible is called Cannon - which means measuring.

It's like a ruler.

These 66 books have been measured, evaluated, and have been found to be the accurate word of God; and are the measuring of what someone says is from God.

Today's podcast is part three of a 3-part study on how we can be certain that the Bible is God's Word, not just the words of man or historical documentary. #foundational #Bible #God's Word #Gnosticism #Dan Brown #DaVinciCode