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Foundational Podcast

Sep 29, 2020

While many Christians refuse to celebrate Halloween or even acknowledge the day October 31, here are 95 reasons to celebrate Halloween this year. #Foundational #podcast #halloween #MartinLuther

Halloween has been controversial for decades and it's roots entirely in paganism.

So the question is, "Should we be celebrating Halloween?"

Many in the church today say you shouldn't celebrate Christmas, because of the verses in the Old Testament about sacrificing to idols "under every green tree".

95 Reasons to...

Sep 22, 2020


The Father's promise to the disciples as he ascended into heaven was that very soon they'd be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

What is His role in our lives today?

Is the baptism of the Holy Spirit still valid today? If so, how does one go about being baptized with the Holy Spirit?

Sep 16, 2020


The Pentecostal movement is at a breakpoint moment.

She has never faced such a challenge in the one hundred and thirteen years of her history. It is the making of a perfect storm spiritually, with cultural pressure from without and ecclesiastical pressure from within.

This hedonistic, pluralistic cultural of...

Sep 9, 2020

Pastor Dean Hackett preaching on a Sunday morning

What our culture needs right now is men and women of God who are going to make up the kind of woke church that God talked about in Isaiah 51:9.

Are you bold enough and strong enough to take on this challenge?

In today's podcast I talk about what a biblically woke Christian and church looks like.

If you...

Sep 1, 2020


The significance of immanence and imminence to the child of God is not just a play on words.

The revelation of God and His redemptive work is carried in the meaning of these two words immanence and imminence, and their companion eminence.

person with hands raised at dawn

I am appalled and grieved by the level of distortion of...