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Foundational Podcast

Aug 2, 2018

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You can pray into situations and circumstances on earth the kingdom of God, the kingdom authority

So when the enemy is trying to steal your son or daughter, you can demand, "Not on my watch! You wont steal my family!"

Because, "Father, Your kingdom come, Your will be done here on earth as You have established in heaven!"

In this podcast we discover how the Lord's prayer shows us the key to kingdom authority in everyday life. | Foundational | F. Dean Hackett | Christianity | Christian living | Christian blog | Christian faith | Spiritual Warfare | #christianblog #spiritualwarfare #christianfaith #christianliving #spiritualgrowth #warroom #Bible #God

Show Notes For This Foundational Podcast:

Matthew 6:5-13

Jesus was giving us a model for prayer.

Walk in Kingdom Authority

  • Deliver us from evil
    • In the Greek "Deliver me from the evil one"
    • We should pray this every day.
    • 2 Kings 5
  • We are never at the mercy of our enemy
    • When the church is filled with the living water, they will conquer the land!
    • John 7:37-39
    • Jesus' command to the disciples to not fulfill the Great Commission until they had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit
    • He wanted them to understand
      • He was bring a level of Kingdom of power and authority that the world had only seen occasionally
      • But Joel 2:28-29
      • In those days He will raise up a people who will operate in kingdom power and authority!

4 Ways to Walk In Kingdom Authority

  • Get out of our comfort zone
    • Step in to a willingness to let Holy Spirit guide us 24/7
    • Change your paradaigm
  • Realize that God put you where you are to bring change
    • Be an agent of change
    • Be God's representive
    • "Let Your kingdom come, let Your will be done right here!"
  • Let God bring you divine appointments
    • Let the Holy Spirit bring living water into your life
    • Walk in miracles and signs and wonders
    • Mark 11:22-23
  • Silence Your Ears to Drama
    • Stop listening to it
    • Pray it out


Resources mentioned in this podcast

Reese Howells Intercession

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