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Foundational Podcast

Sep 22, 2020


The Father's promise to the disciples as he ascended into heaven was that very soon they'd be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

What is His role in our lives today?

Is the baptism of the Holy Spirit still valid today? If so, how does one go about being baptized with the Holy Spirit?

Is the gift of tongues for today?

How should a believer baptized in the Holy Spirit edify the body of Christ?

Man hugging a boy

These are all very important questions that should be asked by every believer who seeks to possess everything that God has for Him.

While there are those would want to tell you that the gifts of the Holy Spirit died out with the Apostles, Scripture clearly shows us that this isn't the case.

And Scripture clearly tells us that the Holy Spirit works and operates in the lives of believers today.

This is why I wrote Father's Promise, a Bible study on the Holy Spirit.

Father's Promise is a comprehensive study that takes you through both the Old and New Testaments to provide you a solid foundation for understanding who the Holy Spirit and what His role was and still is today.

In Father's Promise you will learn:

  • How a person receives the Holy Spirit
  • What is the evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • What is the work of the Holy Spirit in sanctification
  • What are the manifestation gifts in the life of a believer
  • Why the Holy Spirit is important in your life
  • How to walk in the Spirit

and so much more!

Father's Promise is a Bible Study workbook designed to help lead small group and large group Bible studies. It is written in an outline form, allowing the pastor or Bible study leader to teach in his or her own words.

You can find it on Amazon today in Kindle and Paperback. It is also available right here in PDF!

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