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Foundational Podcast

Jan 20, 2021

Every time there's been a great darkness come over our culture; every time culture has been presented with a tremendous culture and it seems like everything is going to ruin, Almighty God does His greatest work.

But the majority of mankind miss it. We're living in such a day.

We're facing a situation right now in...

Jan 13, 2021

Just as in the days of the prophets during Israel's rebellion in the Old Testament, the altars are defiled and our culture has turned pagan.

The pagan culture desperately needs a church that will be willing to stand up in truth, rebuild the altar of the Lord, and call the church back to the old ways and repentance.

Jan 6, 2021

Living the life of a disciple is an abnormal life.

When you live the life of a disciple, you live a life on a completely different level than others do.

Jesus said that if we ask anything in His name, he would do it that the Father be glorified.

There are four things a disciple of Christ must do to see...

Dec 17, 2020

How do we live in a time of crisis?

The way our nation is going right now: the sheltering in place, the lockdown. With the things we are facing around the world, it would be very easy for Christians to lose their sight of Jesus and heaven.

It is easy for the fog of this stuff to settle in, and we lose sight and...

Dec 9, 2020

The significant part of fellowship in our local churches, marriages, and even families is fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

When we fellowship with Holy Spirit, we are better able to come along side those God has placed in our lives to help bear their load.

By doing this, we are living from the inside out.