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Foundational Podcast

Apr 9, 2018

Download MP3 If God has made us kings and priests, he doesn’t want us to pray for luxury for ourselves, but to pray for divine wisdom. There are 8 choice that will completely change your life! Are you tired of your life ending up sideways or in a ditch? There are 8 things you can do to change the direction of your life and avoid the same pitfalls you've been falling in for years. In this episode of the Foundational Podcast I share with you what those 8 things are. Show Notes For This Foundational Podcast: Read James 1:1-4 You win or lose by the way you choose

  • Choose joy over pain
    • Life’s two basic elements: Decisions we make and the relationships we have
  • Keep a thankful list
  • Learn to live wisely
    • Two kinds of wisdom
    • James 3:14-18
      • Earthly Wisdom - street-wise, business-wise, politically-wise
      • Wisdom From Above - from God itself
  1. Don't waste your pain!Learn how to count it all joy!Instead of focusing on pain, learn how to live in joy from the inside out.
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