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Foundational Podcast

Jun 20, 2018

Called To Live in the Kingdom man praying for another man Show Notes For This Foundational Podcast: Exodus 19:5-6

  • God said that the nation of Israel would be a special treasure to God
  • God was forming a new nation on the earth
  • A nation named Israel
  • God was going to make them kingdom of priests
  • From the beginning of history God was planning this
  • Genesis 1:26-31 - God gave Adam authority over all the earth
  Through mankind God would establish His kingdom on earth and He began through the following Biblical accounts
  • Abraham
  • Moses
  • John the Baptist
  • Jesus' public ministry
  [youtube] The kingdom of heaven is on earth right now
  • In the heart of every person who receives Christ
  • It is always meeting resistance
    • Satan looks to overthrow the kingdom of God
    • The kingdom of God threatens the existence of Satan's kingdom
    • He resists God's kingdom through earthly kingdoms
Matthew 6:8-15
  • God's kingdom is a holy kingdom
  • God's kingdom is in the heart of every person who seeks to do the will of God
  • God's kingdom has no lack
  • God's kingdom has no condemnation
  • God's kingdom is a kingdom of victory
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